What are Business CCTV Cameras?

Business CCTV Cameras, are surveillance security cameras that can be installed in your business to allow you to monitor your employees, watch your parking lot, view your customers, prevent theft, deter vandalism and more. These Business CCTV Cameras are available in several varieties for indoor, outdoor, hidden, infrared and PTZ Cameras.

Business CCTV Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras are great for watching the outside areas of your business.  These cameras are sealed against the weather, to provide long life even in rain, snow or cold weather.
Business Outdoor CCTV Cameras

Business CCTV Indoor Cameras

Indoor Business CCTV Cameras are popular for businesses, as they allow you to monitor your employees as they work, watch your business while you are away, and prevent theft.
Business Indoor CCTV Cameras

Business CCTV Infrared Cameras

For viewing your business during night time hours, Infrared Business CCTV Cameras are hard to beat.  These cameras can record even in No-Light conditions.
Business IR Infrared CCTV Cameras

Business CCTV Covert Cameras

For monitoring your business without anyone knowing that they are being recorded, Covert Hidden pinhole Business CCTV Cameras are extremely popular.
Business Hidden CCTV Cameras

Business CCTV PTZ Cameras

For controllable cameras that can be moved and zoomed in from your CCTV System, these PTZ and PT style Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras are a great selection for your business.
Pan/Tilt/Zoom PTZ Business CCTV Cameras

CCTV Camera Systems for your Business

When selecting a CCTV Camera System for your business, you should consider the system type. There are 2 main types of Business CCTV Camera Systems:  Standalone DVR Systems and PC-Based Systems. For ease of use, the Standalone DVR Systems are popular, as they can plug directly into a standard Television, and offer the option for internet remote viewing. For higher resolution and more advanced remote viewing, the PC-Based Business CCTV Systems are a great choice.  You can view all many of our PC-Based and Standalone DVR systems right from a PC, laptop, iPhone, Google Android PDA phone, Blackberry PDA, Windows Mobile PDA phone and more!

PC-Based Business CCTV Camera Systems

Standalone DVR Business CCTV Camera Systems

Standalone DVR Business CCTV Camera Systems

Standalone DVRs and Standalone DVR Systems are a great selection for many business cctv camera installations. These systems do not require a PC for recording purposes, so you can simply plug in your cctv cameras and begin recording onto an internal hard drive. The standalone dvrs plug right into any standard television with an RCA connection so that you can view your live or pre-recorded footage right on your PC.

Standalone DVRs

Standalone DVR Recorders

For recording from your business cctv cameras, standalone dvrs are an excellent recording solution. If you have a pre-existing VHS based camera system or monitoring system, then in many cases you can install a Standalone DVR with your cameras to begin recording digitally. These standalone dvrs also have motion detection based recording, which works with any cameras. This helps you get longer recording times on a smaller hard drive, and saves you time when you playback video, because it will help you speed past times when nothing happened.

Business Standalone DVR Systems with iPhone, Android BlackBerry Remote ViewingStandalone DVR Recorders

DVR-2644S -4-Channel H.264 Standalone DVR

DVR-2649S - 9-Channel H.264 Standalone DVR

DVR-26416S - 16-Channel H.264 Standalone DVR

These H.264 Standalone DVRs provide Internet Remote Viewing Capabilities to allow you to view your Business CCTV cameras from a PC with Internet Explorer Browser and will even provide basic remote viewing from an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android PDA phone over the internet.

Standalone DVR Business CCTV Camera Systems

If you are looking for either an Indoor or Outdoor CCTV Business Camera System with a Standalone DVR, then you will find many good options below.  These systems include a Standalone DVR with optional hard drive and remote viewing capabilities, as well as indoor or outdoor business cctv cameras and power supplies. With any of these systems, you can quickly get your business cctv camera system up and running.